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Viva Via Spiga!

Allie and AlyTwo days ago, my dear friend Aly Walansky invited me to accompany her to a Via Spiga event at the Empire Hotel in Manhattan! I was more than glad to accept; we have been to the Empire’s penthouse before, and let me tell you — if you ever get the opportunity to visit, don’t miss it!

We were there to celebrate Via Spiga’s 25th birthday! This luxurious, Italian brand features fashion-forward footwear designs that are elegant and timeless. I loved the new fall collection that features a signature crystal snake brooch on each shoe. I fell in love with  an open-toed gold-ish/bronze-ish pair; it was such a fresh interpretation of a neutral color. You can see an excellent photo of it here. Aly was more partial to a strappier black pair. What can I say? There was a shoe for every personality!

The evening was perfect! The weather was just right: sun to warm our shoulders, breeze to keep us comfortable. The sky was clear and gorgeous, and the atmosphere was relaxed yet energetic. The signature cocktail was amazing, and we had prime real estate for the hors d’oeuvres, which were delish! Aly and I made  new friend, Kaci Hamilton! Just in the city for three weeks so far (she just moved from Jamaica), this girl is a total go-getter! She is a student and an intern for Fashion Pulse Daily, plus she has started her own blog, Strangers Have the Best Candy.  Keep your eye on this gal. She’s got it goin’ on!

Overall a lovely evening with great company and of course — amazing shoes!


Romping around

Those that know me know how obsessed I’ve become with the romper trend this season. I hope it never dies. Rompers make me feel like a girl of six again. They’re youthful, playful, and fun-loving! They also have a modesty factor — since they’ve got “legs,” they are nearly guaranteed to stay down and not ride up like a skirt or dress might do.

Graphite Halter Romper

My interest in rompers began with the purchase of one at the Gap outlet. It’s pajamas! I couldn’t stop wearing it, so I added a second romper-jammie to the collection, this time from Target (mecca for budget-friendly gals like me). Soon after, my awesome mom got me another color of the romper I loved was obsessed with from the Gap. (THANKS, MOM!) I also have a pretty sweet silky looking romper that is NOT pajamas; it is actually clothes, and it is dressy!

I’m picky about my styles, though, because I am around a size 10; I’m no toothpick. I’m not going to choose the romper that’s super-short or tight. I prefer the ones that have a more billowy style. Enter the Pure & Simple Graphite Halter Romper –>

I saw it, and it was love. Best of all, I had a $15 credit to use at Ideeli, and this romper was already on SALE!!! I love the graphite color (gray is such a hot color, especially if you — like me — are SO OVER black).

I have to credit my pal Aly Walansky for introducing me to Ideeli. Ideeli’s got amazing sales on designer and name-brand items. Also, it’s not just clothes! They also have luggage and housewares, kids’ stuff, and more.

Not a member of Ideeli yet? Check it out here! Happy romper (or whatever else you love!) shopping!