Hello, squidlets!

Have you ever noticed that big life changes occur all at once? For me, this is always the case. This week I’ll be beginning a new job at a children’s museum! I am thrilled to begin a new job! I feel re-energized and ready to tackle some other things in my life. One of those things is a closet makeover (more on that soon!), and the other is getting back to a healthy weight!

I know I have about 30 pounds to lose. I have had some success with Slim-Fast in the past, and I have used it in conjunction with Weight Watchers to meet my goals of having a healthy BMI. I, however, did a poor job maintaining my loss and (sadly!) have gained the weight back. I had a lot of excuses because I was finishing graduate school and writing a thesis, I was unemployed and could not afford the healthier choices, I was on vacation, I had no time for exercise. Excuses, excuses!

I’m ready to stop making excuses and start making a change!

After my visit to the Unilever Penthouse last month, I had the opportunity to speak with Ali, a registered dietician at Slim-Fast. Ali helped me to see the ways in which the Slim-Fast plan fits into my lifestyle. Slim-Fast is a great way to control your calorie intake and learn portion control. Itworks on a 3-2-1 plan. What that means is, each day you eat three snacks, two meal shakes or meal bars, and one balanced meal. Each snack can be a Slim-Fast snack bar, a fruit or vegetable, or another snack of approximately 100 calories.

I am psyched to pack my lunch this week — I love the Slim-Fast products! They taste great and really do keep me feeling full and satisfied! I love the Chocolate Peanut Caramel meal bar, and the Double-Dutch Chocolate snack bar is not to be missed! Canned shakes are great for on-the-go. When I have extra time, I love to have the powdered shakes (just stir into milk and ENJOY)!

Although I know I want to lose 30 pounds (see above!), Ali explained that a great first goal is to lose 5-10% of your current body weight. For me that’s about 8 or 9 pounds. Cross your fingers for me!

How have you successfully reached a weight goal? Please share your tips!!!