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I have to tell you a little story about Tweezerman tweezers. Back when I was in high school, my mom and I entered a contest to win one of 100 Tweezerman tweezers from Good Housekeeping magazine. We entered by mailing in postcards with our names and addresses and waiting patiently. We’ve often entered sweepstakes before, but this time we actually won! We were overjoyed! While I was living home, my mom and I shared those tweezers. They were a huge upgrade from the old tweezers we used to have. Their precision slant tip made is infinitely easier than ever to grab even the tiniest hair!

When I moved, my mom allowed me to take our communal pair of Tweezermans to college and then to my own apartment. (What a good mom!) In my apartment, my roommate once dropped them, dinging the edge. I (who am not quite ready to be on Hoarding: Buried Alive, but who also keeps things that I think I may need in the future) still had the original package from the tweezers. “Free sharpening,” it said! I sent the tweezers in, and they were repaired to their full splendor!

I cannot say enough about Tweezerman products. But wait! They just got a little better!

Betsey Johnson, one of my all-time favorite designers, has teamed up with Tweezerman to create a collection! This three-design series will be available at Sephora. There is a hot-pink tweezer featuring white skulls, a white tweezer with pink roses, and a black tweezer with… wait for it… pink faces reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe! I am in love!

I was very excited to attend the launch party for these tweezers, and to see Betsey herself there in her Soho store (the perfect location to celebrate these glam tweezers)! It was fun to see how much the tweezer designs reflect themes in Betsey’s current clothing collection. I even got a pair for my mom. (I totally owed her one.)

Get ye to Sephora, squidlets, and get ’em while they’re hot!


Vaseline Bling!

Be still my heart. One of my favorite products in the world, bedazzled! These lovely bejeweled Vaseline pots were on display at the Unilever Penthouse last week. Aren’t they fabulous?! Aly and I tried to win one of them by sharing our favorite Vaseline beauty tips. (Alas, we did not win.)

Let’s talk about Vaseline! It has to be one of the most versatile products of all time. Here are some different ways to use Vaseline:

  • Prevent chapped lips by using a generous amount before bed.
  • Rub some into elbows, knees, heels, and other dry skin “problem areas.”
  • Use some on your cuticles instead of oil.
  • When your favorite lipstick is nearly done, scoop out the remainder and mix with Vaseline to create a lip gloss.
  • Use some to tame your eyebrows.
  • Use it as a makeup remover.

How do YOU like to use Vaseline? Comment below!

Last week, Suave was one of my gracious hosts at the Unilever Suite during BlogHer. Little did I know, a treat was in store for me! I got to have a hair appointment with celebrity stylist Jenny Cho! Jenny (whose client list includes the Olsen twins and Claire Danes!) gave me some great tips and product recommendations, and I am excited to share them with you all!

First of all, Jenny asked me about some of my “hair issues.” (Don’t we all have them?) I let her know that I do a lot of flat-ironing in the fall and winter, but that I have been embracing my natural hair texture (wavy) lately for summer. Generally speaking, my summer styling has included towel-drying my hair, putting some product in, and letting it air-dry. I was proud to learn that Jenny totally supported this! She said that giving my hair a break from heat styling was very good to do, saying that it is similar to giving your nails a rest from constant polish in the winter. Sometimes it is necessary to just go au naturale!

For my styling session, Jenny demonstrated how I can ramp up the waves I already have. She used a 1.5-inch barrel curling iron and created curls that turned away from my face. The curls are more distinct than my usual lion’s mane of waves, giving a sleeker and more sophisticated look. Jenny did this in about ten minutes, and it created a great look that could easily transition from day to night. She also used Suave Professionals Weather Protection 365 Cream Gel while she was styling my hair. The product has such a light feel. It did not weigh my hair down, and it kept my hair frizz-free even during a super humid day in the city!

My hair is highlighted, and Jenny showed me some great Suave products that can keep my hair from getting dry, brittle, and damaged. Suave Professionals Almond & Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner is very moisturizing, and it is great for color-treated hair like mine. I tried it, and it has a light and very hydrating feel. It left my hair feeling silky and healthy!

Best of all, the products I described above, as well as the other amazing products in the Suave Professionals line, are salon-quality, but are available at drug stores and are very friendly on the ol’ wallet! Style on!


Hello, squidlets!

I’ve just returned from a family trip to St. Simons Island, GA. I missed you and you and you!

I’ve just got to share a new website discovery! My cousin told me about this great website, PaperBackSwap! I’m in love already! If you’re an avid reader, I think you are going to love it. PaperBackSwap allows you to post books you no longer want. Other readers have done the same, giving you a huge catalog of books to search from. When you post five books, you get a “credit” for one book. You also get a credit for every book you send out to someone. Use your credits to get books from other readers!

When someone chooses one of your books, the site gives you a super-easy and printable mailing label, then you can package your book and send it to the person who requested it. Books do not have to be in “mint condition.” They must be readable and have all of the pages and the covers.

What I’m excited about is having access to lots of books, but getting them for free! Plus, it is an amazing way to de-clutter my apartment (something I’m always looking to do). Also, being a busy bee, I often have difficulty reading fast enough for the library’s due dates.

I’ve been a member for a day, and already I’m looking forward to my first book’s arrival, and I’m also packaging up a book to mail out! How fun! It’s like a book club… with the world! Happy reading!

Make Life Better, indeed!

Greetings from the Royalton Hotel! I’ve left my apartment (and my beloved fishes)  in Brooklyn for three nights, and I feel like I’m on a “staycation”… in Manhattan!

Aly and I are guests of Unilever for the duration of BlogHer 2010. We were expecting to be roommates in the hotel, however when we arrived we were notified that the Royalton was out of double rooms. As a result, we were given individual single rooms! Hello, upgrade!

My friends at Unilever are the greatest. After checking in, my room was decorated with some awesome gifts of Unilever products. I don’t know if I truly realized how many products come from Unilever until this weekend. I for one know I couldn’t go a day without using at least one of them. Dove has been my favorite deodorant for a while. Also, I can’t fall asleep without generously coating my lips with Vaseline! Not to mention, my standard favorite breakfast is a Slim-Fast shake!

Tonight, Aly and I went up to the Unilever Penthouse here at the Royalton where our amazing hosts continued to dazzle us with the awesomeness of the Unilever products. This entry could go on and on, but for now, let’s talk about Dove. When I was a little girl, my mom taught me an important lesson: Dove soap is the best soap. As I grew up, I realized that Dove was more than soap. Wonderful deodorants, body wash products, and lotions all joined my bathroom arsenal, fighting dry skin and keeping me smelling great. (I swear to you, I smell great. You’ll have to trust me on this one!)

Today, in the Dove suite, I enjoyed refreshing spring water infused with flavors inspired by Dove’s refreshing scents. I also got to DECORATE FLIP FLOPS. I am a CRAFTS-ENTHUSIAST who uses caps lock sparingly, but I need to whip out the ol’ caps lock when I tell you that I GOT TO DECORATE FLIP FLOPS!!! With solid-colored flip flops as my canvas, a hot glue gun, and enough lace, silk flowers, sequins, rhinestones, buttons, beads, pom poms, and rick-rack to craft flip flops for an army, I set to work. You can see the fruits of my labor int he photo above, along with a tableau of some of my favorite Dove products! My yellow ‘flops are festooned with pink lace and a yellow daisy… with a white dove in the center of each daisy. How fitting!

But wait! There’s more! Aly and I also experienced our first piticures! Out hands, arms, underarms, shoulders, and back were in for a treat! A piticure begins with a hand and arm massage, followed by a cleaning of the underarm area and an application of Dove deodorant (don’t be afraid, ticklish friends; you do this part yourself), and finally a shoulder and back massage. What a relaxing and refreshing experience. The vibrant-but-not-overpowering scents of the Dove products truly relaxed and energized me.

My mom, a nurse, likes to wear fresh-smelling body products, but tends to avoid those with overly strong scents because they can be disturbing to her hospital patients. I know I’ll be sharing some Dove GoFresh products with her because I know she’ll love them. After all, she introduced me to Dove first! It was love at first sight. I owe her one.

Thank you to Unilever and the Dove team! More from the Penthouse, coming soon!