Friends, I have some very exciting news to share! I have won an iPad for myself and one for my dear friend AlySheSpeaks ran a contest in several blogs (including Aly’s). It was sponsored by Propel, the enhanced water that keeps you hydrated while doing sports or fitness activities!

Propel was seeking recipes for using their new Propel Powder Packets with Calcium — convenient single-serving packets that add flavor and vitamins to any water (great for when you are on the go!). The author of the winning recipe would win 12 boxes of Propel packets and an iPad for themselves, AND for the blogger that ran the contest!

I purchased some Propel Packets and got to work! My inspiration came from the health benefits of Propel as well as the hot summer months which demand mass consumption of frozen novelties! How could I combine these two? The answer: Propel Creamsicles! Non-fat vanilla yogurt, Citrus Propel Packets and canned mandarin oranges come together in the freezer to become a yummy and healthy ice pop!

Lo and behold, the winner was chosen… and it was me! I can hardly believe it! I am very excited to have won an iPad for myself AND my friend! You can look forward to some reviews of apps and iPad accessories.

Until then… enjoy some Propel Creamsicles!