Welcome to my new blog, squidlets! Here you will find a good assortment of things going on in my life. I hope to post often about events I’ve attended, products I’ve tried, and more. You may have to suffer through some posts about the aquatic life that currently resides in my apartment, as well. Oh, don’t roll your eyes like that. You know you love ’em!

A bit about me — I’m Allie, I’m 29, and I’m a Jersey girl at heart! I live in Brooklyn, NY. I LOVE Brooklyn. Seriously. I hardly even need to go to Manhattan anymore. I live with two roomies and nine fish (two aquariums, three fish bowls). I’m a fine artist, a knitter and crocheter, a teacher, a volunteer, a hula hoop enthusiast, a ukulele player, an only child, and a squid, of course.

Did you know that a squid has eight legs and two tentacles? I need all of them to juggle all of the stuff I’m always getting into.

Nice to meet you!